Privacy Statement

"TLY", "we" provide users with TLY desktop and mobile applications, and websites (applications and websites are collectively referred to as "services"). We hope that you read this privacy statement carefully so that you have a clear understanding of the purpose of your information when using our services and your rights to your information.

1. Collection of information

When you register or use our services, we may ask you to provide certain information. For example, personally identifiable information, including usernames or email addresses. If you contact us, we may also keep a record of your communication and contact information.

When you use the application, you can choose to connect all desktop or mobile data traffic to TLY's server for forwarding. Therefore, when you use the service, we will receive information about your online activities, your device or browser. For example, we may receive:

• Information about your device, including device type, operating system, mobile operator or network type, IP address, GPS or other general location information and device identifiers. When downloading an application, you can allow us to access the data on your device, including permissions obtained through the application or device (such as Google Play for Android).

• Information about mobile applications and data usage, including the applications installed on the device, the usage of these applications, the websites you visit, and the amount of data you use.

• Record information and other data in the device, such as web page addresses and data fields.

• When your mobile data is transmitted through our server, we may receive your communications and other mobile data transactions. When you access location-based services on a device that uses our app, we may also receive geographic location information. For example, if you visit an online map application, we may receive location information when you use our application as part of the mobile data traffic we receive. Although we receive this data when we provide services, we will not record or collect the content of these communications unless we inform you in this privacy statement or with your permission.

• Information about you, including personally identifiable information, comes from our affiliates or third-party partners.

2. Use of information

We will be able to use the collected information to 1) improve and develop innovative products and services; 2) communicate with users; 3) support advertising and related activities; 4) and help protect ourselves and others. For example:

• Provide services, such as compressing data and reducing mobile data usage, monitoring active applications on the device, and encrypting data traffic;

• Communicate with you, including products, services and activities; respond when you communicate with us; and send you information that you request or that we think may be of interest, such as application updates;

• Analyze how applications and data are used. For example, we may combine the information (including personally identifiable information) you provide for using the service with the information we receive from affiliates or third parties about business, analysis, advertising and other purposes;

• Provide market analysis and other services for affiliates and other third parties;

• Maintain, improve or manage our services; perform business analysis; provide advertising and related activities; or support our internal operations through activities such as troubleshooting, data analysis, testing and research;

• Enforce our terms of service; prevent illegal activities and abuse of services; protect the legal rights, property and safety of TLY, affiliates and users; and resolve related disputes;

• When we believe that it is reasonable and conforms to applicable legal standards, we comply with applicable laws and assist in law enforcement.

3. Sharing and disclosure of information

We will not share or sell users’ personally identifiable information to any third party unless you authorize us to do so or we have notified you. We may share personally identifiable information in the following situations:

• Associated companies. We may share personal information with our affiliates to help continue to provide and improve our services (for example, a better and more personalized service experience).

• Service providers. We may share your information, including personally identifiable information, with third parties who perform services on our behalf to help us continue to provide and improve services. For example, we may use affiliates or other partners to host servers and databases, perform analysis or research, send data on our behalf or measure the effectiveness of our advertising. Our service providers agree to use your information only in accordance with our agreement with them and this privacy statement.

• Respond to legal requests. We may also access, use, retain and share your information, including your personally identifiable information, in response to legal requirements. If we believe that the legal requirements of the jurisdiction need to be responded to and comply with internationally recognized standards, information about you may be accessed, processed and retained for a period of time.

• Asset transfer related. If we sell all or part of our business, sell or transfer assets, participate in a merger or business transfer in other ways, or in the case of bankruptcy, we may disclose and transfer your personally identifiable information to one or more third parties as the transaction a part of.

• Other disclosures. We may also disclose the personally identifiable information you describe at the time of collection or based on your consent.

4. Cookies and related technologies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your phone, computer or other devices. Pixels, which are often used in conjunction with cookies, are small code blocks placed on web pages. They allow another server to measure the frequency of viewing and use of web pages. We may use cookies, pixels or similar technologies when providing services. For example, we can apply these technologies to make access to services faster and easier; customize services; collect information for statistical and analytical purposes; verify information; support advertising and related activities; and for information security purposes. We can also use mobile analytics to better understand the functionality of our apps. We may receive and store information such as the frequency of use of our apps, download locations, events and performance data.

When you use the service, your browser or device may control the use of cookies or other technologies. For example, you can set your browser or device to disable, clear, reset or block the use of cookies or similar technologies. In addition, your device control may allow you to opt-out of the application’s collection of location information about your device, or delete the connection you established between your device and our server, when you install our application and allow the use of Applications for transferring mobile data. However, using these controls may make your use of the service or certain functions complicated or unavailable.

5. Third-party activities

When you use our services to help us better manage and provide content on the services, third parties (such as advertising networks, analytics providers, software error tracking services or our affiliates) may also use cookies, Pixels and similar technologies. Third parties may also use these technologies to collect information about how you use our services and other websites. Our website may also include plug-ins or widget functions operated by third parties, or contain links to third-party websites or mobile applications that are not owned or controlled by us. Third parties can use these functions to collect information such as your IP address and the pages you visit on our website. We do not control or access cookies, similar technologies or other functions used by these third parties, and their activities are protected by their own privacy statements and terms of service. We recommend that you check the privacy statements of third-party websites or services.

6. Data retention

We may retain information about you and your use of the service, including personally identifiable information, as long as we need to provide you with the services and purposes described in this privacy statement. This usually means that we will retain information for the duration of your account.

7. Security

We take adequate protective measures to prevent information loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Although we strive to protect your information and privacy, we cannot guarantee 100% security of data transmission or storage. We cannot guarantee or guarantee the safety of the information you disclose or send to us, and cannot be responsible for the theft, tampering, abuse, unauthorized access, tampering or unintentional disclosure of your information.

8. Children's privacy

If you are under 13, you cannot use any of the services we provide. This service is not applicable to people under the age of 13, and we will not collect their personal information.

9. Changes to the privacy statement

We may update this privacy statement regularly, and if any major changes are made, we may send you emails or post notices on apps and websites. We recommend that you check the website regularly for the latest information on our privacy statement.

The date of revision of this agreement: January 1, 2022